Libertina Lingerie

Brand: Libertina
Title: Makes Me Happy
Duration: 30sec
Agency: VMC
Production House: Kaizen BST Pictures
Producer: Bilawal Singh Thakar
Director: Pushkaraj S Shirke
DOP : Anuj Samtani
First AD: Ivy Mukherjee
Line Producer : Aushu
Costumes: Abhilasha Sharma
Post Production: Pixion
Ofline Editor: Rohan
Online : Sumant
Music : Rajiv Bhalla
Sound Engineer : Annu Poojari
Sound studio : Shank

"Simplicity and Sensuality is an art - and art speaks to all ages."
-Pushkaraj S Shirke

I'm glad I had the opportunity to direct this lingerie ad film for Libertina. The brief was to make a film that women of all ages can relate to and would not be offended by or have to switch the channel even if the family is in the room. It had to be communicative, it had to be real and It had to be sensual, not sleazy. So this is what we created.

Even the testimonial part was captured as natural and as real as possible - including the slight uneasiness of discussing the topic thorough expressions, gestures and body language of the speaker. We removed even the mention of the words 'lingerie', 'bra', 'underwear' from the script and focussed more on the emotion of the real-life problem faced by all women, rather than spoon feeding the words to the viewer.

Karina, the model wasn't briefed on the lingerie scenes at all. Instead, we just chatted for half and hour before the shoot, played around in front of the camera, flirted on and off the screen and captured some actual moments and reenacted them on camera as they were actually. We were practically laughing after each shot (sometimes even wondering if the camera was rolling at all). This is what actually makes it look so innocent and real and so sensual at the same time.

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