Fitness Photoshoots at K11 Fitness Academy

Shooting at the K11 Fitness academy is always a fun mixed bag - because most of the time, Kaizzad (Mr. kaizzad Capadia - Co founder and Director of the K11 Fitness academy and India's foremost authority on fitness and strength training) prefers natural shots over artifically lit ones - just like i do. So though the shoot is tougher, its a lot more REAL and fun. Though when we shoot for the manual and calendar, we do have to use artificial lighting to ensure clarity of the angles and movements of the weights and muscles.

Staunchly against photoshopping, kaizzad prefers keeping his photos real, with at the most just a processing color filter on the images.

This is what we call truly keeping it real.

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Kalyani Capadia squatting 175 lbs for 3 reps at the academy on a  leg training day.

Kaizzad Capadia trained India's first Mr. World model representative - Prateek Jain. 

Candid camera. Kaizzad Capadia caught in a pensive mood before a tutorial video shoot. 

Just a casual pic of Kalyani Capadia during the K11 Fitness Trainer Manual shoot. 

Muscles on a woman? yes they do exist.
Kalyani Capadia shot during a pull up during the manual shoot.

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