A One Take Music Video Ad Film for RedBus

The best way to know if something is amazing, is to see it and wish you could have made it. And funnily, that's hopw my new ad film made me feel when i saw it - only to be over joyed by the fact that 'HEY! I made this!'. And if ever there was an example of great team work on a film, this film would be it. 
So this is for my team:

Fabulous job on shoot day everyone. 
Thanks Shreyas, for proving me right that choosing real 'actors' over 'stars' is the first key to a great performance film! you were chosen for this film and you delivered a performance i could have only wished for! a one take perfection within 7 rolling takes is an incredible feat and you achieved it! 

Pupa brothers- Ajay and Vipin, sexy show! The entire art and props crew rocked the shit out of the shoot - the coordination an energy of the entire crew was freakkin amazing - Bohot Mazza aaaya bhaaai!  We finally ended up shooting what we had first visualised we wanted to do - and that was amazing. 

Rubais, thanks for going beyond just the fab light and camera work and driving the production towards getting exactly what we had wanted the film to be in the first place - and needless to say, fab work with the light choreography and thanks for bringing in Kapil onto the team for the crazy hard camera work. 

Snow, fab work with the costumes that stood out so well yet blended In so perfectly. 

Chirantan, without the foot tapping music to set the pace for all of us from day 1, wouldn't have been possible - so thanks a ton. 

Producer bhai log - Raviraj, Darshan, Sodhiji and Kireet, thank you for pulling all the strings needed to make this vision come to life like it did yesterday - I know it's difficult to adjust with the monies, but as you can see from yesterday's shoot, it was all worth it.  

Shrey, thanks for ensuring I don't lose my voice on set and being my hands and voice beyond the monitor. 

All in all, thank you all for this fucking fantabulous film and if ever  there was an example of great teamwork in one film, this one was it. Loved it totally! Hope to make way more greatness on film with this awesome team we have in the days to come! 

And last but not the least, thank you Aman and Prakash and the RedBus team, yes, the clients - for having put faith in the imagination of a writer-director who isn't backed by an agency, looks and talks like a teenager, roams around in a torn denims and tees, and sounds hyper excited like he's on drugs all the time. Thank you for believing this was possible when he narrated it and from that point on, it was our greatest pleasure to have made it come true! 

Watch the One take Ad film for redBus.in executed by Climb Media from script to screen:
Rap sung and performed by SHREYAS TALPADE. 
Written and Directed by Pushkaraj S Shirke.

Client: Redbus.in – Prakash Sangam / Pallavi Chopra
Creative Director: Pushkaraj S Shirke

Production House: Climb Media
Producer: Kireet Khurana
Script & Direction: Pushkaraj S Shirke
Exec. Producer: Darshan Gokani
D.O.P: Rubais
Steadicam: Kapil Verma
Art Director: Ajay/Vipin (Pupa Set)
Music: Chirantan Bhatt
Associate Exec. Producer: Renuka Khekade
Line Producer: Gurmeet Sodhi (Shoot Essentials)
Costume Designer: Snower Sania
First Assistant Director: Shrey Oberoi
Second Assistant Director: Hamza Rahim
Make Up: Satish Kadam
Pre-Production & Design: Prashant Shikare / Raviraj Kumbhar
CG: Arvind Shirke

A one-take film is one of the greatest challenges in the craft of film-making - and the new redbus adfilm was one such amazing feat! 
Check out the 'making-of' of the film and what it took to choreograph a theatrical style music video with one artist, 4 co-stars and a 30 man art crew.

-Pushkaraj S Shirke

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