Fitness Photography 101: Seminar at BodyPower India 2015

I recently conducted a seminar on fitness posing, prepping and photography for all the contestants of BodyPower India's NEULIFE FIT FACTOR. It was a pleasure to be able to guide ,any people of all the pros and cons of the fast booming industry that they have chosen to represent. Nothing brings me more joy than to be able to help out people who genuinely could do with a few pointers that would help them go the distance - especially when they are working themselves off for it.

Fitness modelling and photography is nothing like glamour modelling and photography to begin with. So even when experienced models and photographers try to make the switch, they often fail - and miserably so. Though many of the rules remain the same in both fields, there are key points that are distinctly diverse - such as lighting, posing, what to highlight,how much photoshopping is ethical and more.

Below are a few practice shots, unmorphed btw, that we took while the practice posing and shooting demo. I'm sure the insights provided to the contestants, many of whom are first time models and fitness spokesperson aspirants, would make a world of a difference to their performance and confidence - at the finals, in the show and in the times they have ahead in this amazing field.

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