Corporate Portrait Photography: The Strongest Woman in the Business of Fitness

I love doing portraits. Shot a Corporate portrait of K11 CEO - Kalyani Capadia, the strongest woman in the business of fitness.
Here's one of the images from the shoot - absolutely unedited. Sheer Presence Captured. More important than the suit and the beauty, i wanted the fist with the veined hands to show above the bejewelled watch - it shows that she is a woman who is as strong by body as she is by will and business intellect.

A strong woman who trains in powerlifting and is an avid strength training advocate, while also running the largest academy of fitness sciences in the country - The K11 Fitness Academy & Gym and influencing the business of fitness all over the country. I guess this picture captured that. Making it one of my fav portraits of all time.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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