FILA - Brand Positioning Campaign

When I started my first independent, self discovery project, I took up one of my favourite sports brands (besides ADIDAS) and wondered how could I position it differently from all the other sports goods in the market.

Looking into my own life, as a child and as an adult, i couldnt help noticing how therapeutic sports have been to me. And to so many others around me. For most people who indulge in sports it is not just for the sport - but for a sort of recreation, relief, to sometimes get beyond the mundane and feel more 'Alive' than usual.
That's where it struck me. FILA- It's Sport for Life!
Crossed it, cleared it, refined it to FILA - Sport. For Life.

The campaign I created for communicating the thought is this:

Despite the passage of time, this work continues to be one of my favourites. Maybe its because it was my first attempt at Advertising as such. Or maybe because it speaks my mind truly. And what I truly think about sports. Funny thing is, I actually saw the same line on a FILA ad a few months later. And all I could do I smile and feel all happy within.
Needless to say, this was pretty much the campaign that got me my first job. The process of learning had just yet begun.

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