Legacy: A Short Film by Pushkaraj S Shirke

Written and Directed by
Pushkaraj S Shirke

DOP: Haruhico Nishioca
DA: Emir Kahn Bautista
Editor: Rohon Nag
Starring: Ray Martell Moore & John Marcus
NYFA 2012

Based on a True Incident, this film tells the story of a young, african american boy unwillingly forced into crime by circumstances and his chance encounter with a stranger that will change his life forever.
The film explores the conflict between circumstances and choices as catalyzed by one act of a stranger.

Filmed as a Student Project for New york Film Academy
This has not been made for any commercial purposes.
The film was shot within 2 hours, edited in a day and the music used is stock music. And the shitty sound is owing to a restaurant owner who didn't allow us to switch off the TV for 5 mins. The story, is intact nonetheless.

Special thanks to Tassos Rigopoulos and Piero Basso Aic for their valuable lessons and time.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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